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Freedom Fighters—Liberty Liars

Who are the, “freedom fighters?” They are all those engaged in any of today’s programs or movements that identify themselves as fighters for freedom and individual liberty and, “rights.” They include, for example, the sixty plus individuals and organizations listed in my, “Freedom Challenge II,” article.” Every one of these individuals and organizations talk about…More

The Virtue Of Vice

If you don’t know who H.L. Mencken was, and if you are the beneficiary of a modern public school education or the product of any modern University, you probably do not, you are missing an intellectual experience that is, among other things, the cure for the pandemic of paranoia that infects the entire world today.…More

Sports Circus

This Townhall article by Michael Reagan, “Transgender Madness is Destroying Girls Sports,” presents this as some kind of problem. Exactly what that problem is seems a bit confused. “It’s not right. It’s not fair,” the article begins. I’m not sure what sports nuts think the purpose of sports is supposed to be, but since life…More

Advantages Of Independence—Fortuitous Consequences

Reading the news provided by mainstream media, or most of the, so-called, independent sources as well, is mostly a waste of time for any useful information for the free individual. There is one benefit, however, to reading the news that an individualist can enjoy, which is being reminded of all the suffering the great mass…More

American Taliban—CDC Dictatorship

It’s not the kind of thing most Americans believed could ever happen in this country. It is the kind of thing that only happens in semi-civilized backwater nations, not modern societies like those in Europe or America. That was before this: CDC Issues Order That Makes Not Wearing A Mask On Public Transportation A Federal…More

Some Freedom Fighters—Don’t Join

In the same way, and for the same reasons, that all of academia—all professional educators and teachers—are the enemies of any real education, all so-called freedom-fighters—all advocates and activists engaged in promoting liberty and economic freedom—are the enemies of true individual freedom. Innocent, Unintentional, And Malevolent Every single one of those engaged in some enterprise…More

Critical Thinking about Critical Thinking

[NOTE: This article is republished from the Mind-benders series of articles published between 2005 and 2011, in conjunction with the current article, “Pedagogy.”] Education As Mind Bending One of the changes in education that has been most disastrous is the change in emphasis from principles and concepts to an emphasis on content and results. The…More

Pedagogy—Professional Mind Destroyers

The emphasis of my earlier article, “Prussian ‘Public’ Schools,” dealt with the corruption of public schools by Cultural Marxism and Postmodernism. This article deals with the much more fundamental issue of nature of what is called education, more particularly, what is called, “public school,” education. [NOTE: The images are your public school educators. Right click…More

Freedom Fighters—Fighting Against Freedom

They call themselves freedom fighters and no doubt sincerely believe what they are doing actually has freedom as their objective. The phrase itself is an oxymoron. Freedom is an objective to be achieved. “Fighting,” is never a right way to achieve anything. I know they are thinking, “defense,” not, “aggression,” but when all one has…More

Sui Generis—If You’re Not An Individualist, You’re A Racist

Individualism is a very confused concept, partly because the term itself is oxymoronic. An, “-ism,” implies being a member of something, like an ideology or religion, which is exactly what an individualist is not. Every individual human being is different, unique, and, “one of a kind.” Individualism is the recognition of that fact and a…More

Fanning The Flames Of Social Paranoia

From a site that claims it is about living free: “We’ve gotten so used to the Gods of Tech banning, suspending, deplatforming, delisting, algorithm-screwing, and otherwise meddling in communications that don’t further the ever-shifting party line that it’s become as routine as it is alarming. But Amazon’s “disappearing” of Parler this weekend signaled a new…More

Genius Idiots—High IQ Societies

There are over 90 so-called High IQ societies with varying degrees of stability, according to, “A Short (and Bloody) History of the High I.Q. Societies.” There is even a separate society that connects 45 High IQ societies called the World Intelligence Network. All these organizations are exclusive. The criteria for membership in any of these…More


by Alexandra York—A Review Crosspoints, called, ‘A psychological thriller.” by Objectivist psychologist, Michael J. Hurd is described as, “a story about Choice.” Who Is Alexandra York? She writes: “I am a Rational Romantic intent on championing and merging beauty and reason. … I am determined to confront the cynical concepts of the sensationalist, nihilistic, popular…More

The Illusion Of Importance

“Importance,” is a value term, and like all value terms, is a term of relationship. Like all other values, importance is only a value relative to some human objective or purpose, some goal relative to which a thing has some relevance—negative importance if it hinders or prevents achieving the goal, positive importance if it is…More

Critique Of “The Quality of a Free Man”

The following article was published by Claire Wolfe on her Living Freedom blog, December 21, 2020. It is part of her series of articles IN PRAISE OF MEN. In her original introduction to the article she wrote: “I’m beginning the freedom quest here for a simple reason: Freedom comes from free individuals, not the other…More

Wonderful World

George Bernard Shaw said, “The reformer for whom the world is not good enough finds himself shoulder to shoulder with him that is not good enough for the world.” It seems strange that a socialist made that observation when almost everyone in the worlds of politics, academia, and popular media is concerned with making the…More

Liberty: A Nation of Aliens

by Richard Rieben I have previously written about my experiences as an outsider while living in foreign countries. It was liberating. As an outsider, no one expects me to conform to the local culture. I eat different foods, wear different clothing, have different values and emotional responses, have a different educational background, have different standards…More


“Everybody Is Different,” but the free individual is more different than most and his differences are frequently characterized as eccentric, odd, or even rebellious. The exceptionalism of a free independent individual is actually none of those things, because every free individual is a unique human being, defying any classification or categorization. Individualism and Eccentricity To…More

Against The Flow

A free individualist is a peculiar being. If you choose to be free, you will be very unusual, and however you choose to secure your freedom and live your life, it will not be a “usual” life. Look around you at all those who continue to live in slavery to the state—that is the usual.…More